10 Best Campuses in the World in 2023

10 Best Campuses in the World in 2023 ! For some people, being able to study at the best campus in the World is what they dream of. It's no wonder that some children seem very ambitious in studying to compete with many other people to compete to get into their dream campus.

It's also possible if your child has the target of the best campus in the World that they dream of. It is very proud if they pass the entrance test so that later it is hoped that they will become graduates of the best campuses in the World and their future jobs will be more secure.

The university ranking agency, Times Higher Education (THE) has released a list of the best campuses in the World in the 2022 World University Rankings. The United Kingdom and America still dominate the best campuses in the World. There are several indicators used by THE to measure the best campuses in the World: teaching, research, knowledge transfer, and an international outlook.

Best Campuses
Best Campuses

The 10 Best Campuses in the World

The following is a list of the best campuses in the World in 2022, according to Times Higher Education:

University of Oxford, England

The University of Oxford is ranked first on the list of the best campuses in the World, with a total score of 95.7 points. The campus where Indonesian artist Mikha Tambayong received his master's degree, who graduated in 2021, received a score of 91.0 for teaching indicators, 99.6 for research indicators, 98.0 for citations, and 96.3 points for indicators of international views.
The campus, believed to have been founded in 1096, divides the knowledge taught into four divisions: Humanities, Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences, Medical Sciences, and Social Sciences. In total, around 100 majors owned by the university lined up as the best campuses in the World in 2022 by THE.

California Institute of Technology (Caltech), United States of America

California Institute of Technology is ranked second in the list of the best campuses in the World. This campus has a score of 95 points with details of a score of 93.6 for teaching indicators, 96.9 for research indicators, 97.8 for citations, 90.4 for industrial income, and 83.8 for international outlook indicators.
As the name implies, Caltech is a strong technology campus in science and technology. Several departments owned by this campus include Biology, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Engineering and Applied Science, Geology and Planetary Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Mathematical Physics and Astronomy.

Harvard University, United States of America

Harvard University is ranked third in the list of the best campuses in the World. This campus scored 95.0, 94.5 for teaching indicators, 98.9 for research indicators, 99.2 for citations, 48.9 for industrial income, and 79.8 for international outlook indicators. The campus where the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, studied has 40 departments.

Stanford University, United States of America

Stanford University is ranked fourth in the list of the best campuses in the World. This campus has a score of 94.9 with details of 92.3 for teaching indicators, 96.8 for research indicators, 99.9 for citations, 91.0 for industrial income, and 79.7 for international outlook indicators. The campus, which was founded in 1952, has even won the Nobel Prize up to 20 times.

University of Cambridge, England

The University of Cambridge is ranked fifth in the list of the best campuses in the World. This campus has a score of 94.6 with details of a score of 90.9 for teaching indicators, 99.5 for research indicators, 96.2 for citations, and 95.8 for indicators of international views. Founded in 1209, the University of Cambridge has over 100 departments to date.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States of America

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is ranked sixth on the list of the best campuses in the World. This campus has a score of 94.6 with details of a score of 90.9 for teaching indicators, 94.4 for research indicators, 99.7 for citations, 93.7 for industrial income, and 89.9 for international outlook indicators. MIT has 5 main departments, namely The Department of Architecture, The Department of Urban Studies + Planning, The Media Laboratory, The Center for Real Estate and The Program in Art, Culture and Technology .

Princeton University, United States of America

Princeton University is ranked seventh on the list of the best campuses in the World. This campus has a score of 93.6 with details of 89.5 for teaching indicators, 96.0 for research indicators, 99.0 for citations, 88.8 for industry income, and 80.7 for international outlook indicators. The campus which is located in one of these historic cities is ranked as the fourth oldest university in the United States with two undergraduate programs , namely Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) and Bachelor of Arts (AB).

The University of California, United States of America

The University of California (UCLA) is ranked eighth on the list of the best campuses in the World. This campus has a score of 92.2 with details of a score of 85.7 for teaching indicators, 96.0 for research indicators, 99.1 for citations, 84.7 for industrial income, and 77.6 for international outlook indicators. Some popular majors at UCLA are Biology, Business Economics, Film & Televisions, Political Science, and Psychology.

Yale University, United States of America

Yale University is ranked ninth on the list of the best campuses in the World. This campus scored 90.8, with a score of 90.7 for teaching indicators, 93.0 for research indicators, 97.0 for citations, 56.2 for industrial income, and 69.9 for international outlook indicators. The campus included in the Ivy League or prestigious campus in the United States has more than 100 departments.

The University of Chicago, United States of America

The University of Chicago is ranked ninth on the list of the best campuses in the World. This campus has a score of 89.8 with details of a score of 87.2 for teaching indicators, 90.6 for research indicators, 98.3 for citations, 56.3 for industrial income, and 74.4 for international outlook indicators. The campus, which is located in the state of Illinois, has 14 majors that you can choose according to your interests and talents.

Tips for Choosing a Campus

Several things can be basic tips when you choose a campus both at home and abroad:\

Choose a major

The important thing before choosing a campus is to choose a major first. Because later, this focus will be studied during 4 years of education at any campus that will be chosen later.

Check campus rankings

Make sure the campus rating is satisfactory enough. Remember to find the accreditation of the department you want to go to. Because this accreditation and ranking will determine the quality of teaching staff and graduates.

Activities, organizations, and communities

Apart from focusing on learning in class, it is encouraged to be actively involved in campus activities as a student. Organizational activities can add value to your experience as capital for applying for jobs later.


Research the available transportation access on the campus of your choice first. Make a route that you choose if you are accepted at the campus so that you can calculate costs while studying.


Even though nowadays more people are looking for any source of reference from the internet, the quality of the campus library still needs to be ensured as a support for you later in college. A complete library is an indicator of campus support for students in learning.

Tuition fee

The college planning above will certainly be complete if sufficient funds have been prepared so that children's dreams of studying at the best campuses in the World can be properly facilitated. As a parent, setting up a college fund from the time your child is young is important.

How To Maintain Lung Health During The Current Pandemic

How To Maintain Lung Health During The Current Pandemic - Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the topic of a maintaining lung health has been increasingly discussed. This is very reasonable because the lungs are one of the a vital organs in the body. That is, maintaining the health of a the lungs is the same as taking care of the whole body.

You are advised to be more aware of lung health. Because if the function of the lungs is disturbed, it can also affect the function of other organs in the body. What's more, with age, the lungs will become less flexible and their strength will decrease. Therefore, we need to maintain lung health as early as possible. There are several ways to Maintain Lung Health During a pandemic.

Avoid Smoking
How To Maintain Lung Health 

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is the main cause of lung diseases, ranging from bronchitis, and emphysema, to lung cancer. According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), smoking can worsen the condition of someone with asthma.

Therefore, to maintain lung health we need to avoid smoking. In addition to active smokers, passive smokers also have to be careful, because too often inhaling cigarette smoke can also worsen lung conditions.

Exercising Regularly

Diligent physical activity also has good benefits for the lungs. One of the sports that is recommended to maintain lung health is aerobic exercise. This type of exercise does not improve lung function, but it can help increase lung capacity. By exercising we can increase the ability of the lungs to accommodate oxygen in one breath.

Breathing Exercises

Doing breathing exercises is one way to improve a lung health. According to research from the Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, there was a significant increase in vital respiratory capacity after 2-5 minutes of breathing exercises. Even if it's only for a few minutes, deep breathing is very good for lung health.

Drink Lots Of Water

Quoted from one site, there is a thin layer of mucus in the lungs. When you get enough water throughout the day, this layer stays thin and can make your lungs work better. Drinking mineral water can also help remove mucus that has accumulated in the lungs in case of infection. Interestingly, consuming mineral water is a believed to be a natural therapy for wet lung disease, lo!

Use Mask

How to maintain lung health is a certainly familiar, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Masks can prevent you from air pollution that can interfere with lung health. This dense layer is useful for filtering the incoming air and preventing us from transmitting diseases, such as flu, colds, and tuberculosis, to COVID-19. So it is highly recommended to continue to use a mask when traveling outside the house, especially during a pandemic like this.

Foods That Contain Antioxidants

Consuming foods that are high in antioxidants can maintain lung health. The content of antioxidants has the function to protect the body's cells from exposure to harmful free radicals. Some foods with high levels of antioxidants a include green vegetables, strawberries, and nuts.

Diligent Hand Wash

Just like wearing a mask, this recommendation has been very familiar since the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the American Lung Association, diligent hand washing is a good step to maintaining lung health. The reason is, some disorders of the lungs can be transmitted through physical contact, one of which is the touch of a hand. Keeping hands clean is the best way to avoid this lung disorder.

How To Maintain Optimal Bone Health

How To Maintain Optimal Bone Health - Bone health is an important part of a healthy life. Everyone can improve their quality of life and prepare for a healthier future, by focusing on how to maintain bone health. Bones have always been evidence of remnants of past life because they are made of materials that can last a lifetime.

You must understand that bone is a storage center for various minerals, including the production site of blood cells. You have complete control over your bone health, even if you have a family history of bone problems. Here are some ways to Maintain Optimal Bone Health.

How to Maintain Optimal Bone Health

How to Maintain Optimal Bone HealthHow to Maintain Optimal Bone Health

Monitor Calcium Intake

When you are young, maybe you are not too worried about the intake of calcium that enters the body. The effect is also not too pronounced because there are no symptoms of mineral deficiency. Calcium that is too low can contribute to bone loss and increase the risk of fractures.

Health professionals recommend that you pay attention to calcium intake because this is an important mineral for bones. Some foods that are good for bones with high calcium are cheese, almond milk, kale, okra, tofu, sardines, salmon, to yogurt.

Meet the Needs of Vitamin D and K

Vitamins that are good for bone health are vitamins D and K. Associated with calcium absorption, you need to meet the needs of vitamin D in the body. Unfortunately, there are not many foods with high levels of vitamin D. Call it fatty fish meat (salmon and sardines) and fish liver oil.

In addition, foods such as beef liver, egg yolks, mushrooms, and cheese contain very little vitamin D. Therefore, health experts allow you to take vitamin D in supplement form. Meanwhile, you also need to take vitamin K. This vitamin will modify the protein osteocalcin to help the process of bone formation. Good sources of vitamin K are liver, eggs, cheese, and meat.

Protect Yourself From Injury

One way to maintain bone health is to avoid injury. Injuries or fractures can cause other medical problems. There are several things you can do to protect yourself from injury. First, use a helmet when driving. Second, you also need to use the right shoes when doing activities outside the home. Third, use safety equipment properly when exercising. Finally, make sure you minimize the various things that can trigger falls in the house.

Weight Training Regularly

To increase bone density, you can try lifting weights. Examples of high-impact weightlifting exercises such as dancing, climbing, and tennis. Meanwhile, you can also try low-impact things like brisk walking. Some of the above sports not only increase bone density but also protect bones from injury or fracture.

If you're not interested in weight training, you can keep your bones healthy by staying active. At least do regular exercise for 30 minutes every day or 150 minutes per week to maintain muscle and bone mass.

Avoid Smoking And Drinking Alcohol

Do you have a habit of smoking and consuming excess alcohol? Be careful because these two habits have a big impact on bone and joint health. First, smoking can be a major cause of decreased bone density and increases the risk of fractures. Nicotine in cigarettes can inhibit the process of bone formation in the body. While excessive alcohol consumption can disrupt the balance of calcium in the body.

How To Maintain, Strengthen, And Improve Mental Health

How to Maintain, Strengthen, And Improve Mental Health - To improve your overall well-being, you can't just focus on your physical health. Mental health also plays a big role in life. Mental health is a person's ability to manage feelings and face daily difficulties.

Mental health is just as important as physical health, it needs to be maintained and corrected if there is a problem. Not only physical that must be treated, but mental or mental health conditions must also be maintained properly. A person's mental health condition can affect that person's way of thinking, mood, and behavior.

Then, a history of experiencing physical or sexual violence or being a victim of bullying can also lead to mental health problems. So, how to maintain mental health properly? Here are some ways to help maintain, strengthen, and improve your Mental Health.

How to Maintain, Strengthen, And Improve Mental Health

Mental Health.Mental Health.

Learn Meditation

Meditation is a way to improve cognitive abilities, including improving attention, memory, verbal fluency, executive function, processing speed, cognitive flexibility, and creativity. By doing meditation, it will be easier for you to regulate your emotions so you can avoid stressful conditions.

During the busy world, both real and virtual, many people lose the ability to be still and meditate. Activities such as meditation and silence are very important to be done regularly. Set aside a few minutes each day to be still and meditate. While meditating, calm your mind and accept the emotions and feelings you are experiencing. You can also worship according to your respective beliefs.

Doing Journaling

Regular journaling is certainly not only useful for organizing your life and plans for the better. This activity turned out to be one way to maintain mental health, you know. Journals are very important in helping identify negative self-talk and find the roots of anxiety.

Launched the Journal of Management Education, the journal has been proven to help students manage their stress and anxiety. Not only that, but this activity also increases their involvement and creativity in the classroom.

Inhale Aromatherapy

You can also maintain mental health by inhaling aromatherapy while stretching. Launching the International Journal of Nursing Practice explains aromatherapy can reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality. You can choose the scent of flowers to improve your mood as a therapy when your mind is tired. You can also use a diffuser or aromatherapy candle to do this.

Consumption of Nutritious Food

Maintaining physical health is also one way to improve the mental condition. Because the physical condition can not be separated from the mental state. Therefore, make sure you always eat nutritious foods every day, increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables, and fulfill your fluid needs. You also need to avoid fast food and foods that are too sweet and stop consuming alcohol or smoking.

Eating nutritious food is not only beneficial for physical health but also good for mental health. Carbohydrates can increase a hormones that build a positive mood. Like carbohydrates, vegetables and fruit can a feed the body's cells, including controlling a more positive mood. While protein can increase a chemicals in the brain that help the body stay alert. In addition, make sure the body gets a supply of healthy fats such as fish and nuts.

How To Safely Maintain Ear Health What You Can Do

How to Safely Maintain Ear Health What You Can Do - Compared to other parts of the body, the ear is an area of ​​the body that is difficult to clean. While some people can clean their ears on their own, often the earwax gets deeper and deeper. So, how to maintain safe ear health?

Before explaining how to keep your ears clean, please note that earwax is generally soft and is a natural production of oil glands from the ear canal. This earwax serves to protect the ear because it can trap dust, protect water from entering the ear, and inhibit the growth of germs.

Maintain Ear Health
Maintain Ear Health 
Even so, some of the benefits of earwax above can be felt if the amount of earwax is not excessive. If there is too much wax in the ear, it can clog the ear, causing hearing loss and pain in the ear. So, how to maintain proper ear health? Here are some ways to Safely Maintain Ear Health that you can do, including:

Avoid Using Cotton Buds

Many people think that cotton buds can be used to clean the inner ear. The habit of giving the inside of the ear using a cotton bud is not recommended, because there is a risk of earwax being pushed inward. Not for the sake of ear health, this activity risks damaging the eardrum or ear canal. This condition causes earwax to settle in the ear canal.

Clean Ears Only

After getting an explanation that maintaining ear health by using cotton buds is risky, the tips for maintaining safe ear health are to clean the earlobe only. You need to know, the ear can clean itself. The fine hairs on the ears and the angled shape of the ears can prevent excess dust and dirt.

Keeping Ears Dry

How to maintain ear health on this one is often not a serious concern. An ear that is too moist allows bacteria to enter the ear canal. If this condition is experienced frequently, it can lead to infection (otitis externa). Therefore, ensuring dry ear conditions should be a concern, especially for those of you who have a hobby of swimming. Immediately tilt your head if any water gets into your ear.

Avoid Using Ear Candles

Like cotton buds, there are still many people who think ear candles can clean dirt in the ears. This method is not proven effective but instead causes injuries due to burning sensations that occur and blockage of the ear canal.

Protect Your Ears From Exposure To Loud Sounds

To strive to maintain good ear health, the easiest way is to avoid noise. Prolonged exposure to loud noises can affect your hearing, and even risk deafness.

If conditions force you to be in a noisy environment, wear ear protection. Even so, how to maintain ear health is often overlooked. Though the ear can hear sound. Not all sounds in this category are safe to listen to.


How to maintain ear health on this can be done by using ear drops that are widely sold freely in the market. In general, within 5 minutes of using the ear drops, you should be able to straighten your head back to its original position.

Simple Ways To Maintain Stomach Health We Recommend

Simple Ways To Maintain Stomach Health We Suggest - Maintaining gastric health is not always a matter of food alone, but also of daily life patterns that we may not realize. Here are some tips that we recommend to Maintain Stomach Health.

Simple Ways to Maintain Stomach Health

Simple Ways To Maintain Stomach Health We Recommend
Simple Ways to Maintain Stomach Health

Pay Attention To Meal Hours

The number of activities you do every day may make you late to eat. One of the triggers of high stomach acid is irregular eating patterns. Therefore, try to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the same time. If you have the urge to eat at night, eat it 3-4 hours before bedtime to prevent stomach acid from rising from lying down.

Eat Natural Life Necessities

Many of the necessities of life that we need in daily life are the result of processing. According to a study in the journal Inflammatory Bowel Disease, the need to consume processed foods is associated with an increased risk of indigestion.

On the other hand, other studies have shown that the need for the natural consumption of nutrient-rich nutrients can protect the stomach from various digestive diseases. This is why you need to increase the natural necessities of life in your daily menu.

Eat In Small Portions

When eating large portions, the necessities of life that enter in large quantities will stretch the stomach muscles. This can increase the pressure on the stomach, causing complaints of bloating, stomach pain, or heartburn.

Adjusting the portion of food can be used as a procedure to maintain stomach health. Try to eat portions that were three times a day changed to 4-5 times with smaller portions. This will make the stomach work lighter.

Manage Stress Well

Stress is one of the triggers for GERD. This is because stress can reduce the production of the hormone prostaglandin. This hormone functions to coat the stomach wall to protect it from eroding stomach acid.

Stress is unavoidable, but you can manage it with various procedures. Try breathing techniques, meditation, or turn your stress into something you enjoy. If necessary, you can also undergo therapy with a psychologist. Be careful, often restless and restless make ulcers trivial recurrence

Drink Fluids, But Not Too Much

Although it sounds simple, drinking fluids can help you maintain a healthy stomach. The liquid has a neutral pH (acidity level). Drinking fluids will help neutralize stomach pH when acid production is at its highest.

However, don't drink too many fluids in a short period. This can upset the mineral balance in the stomach, triggering an increase in stomach acid. Drink a glass of liquid after meals and follow the recommended daily intake.

Limiting Alcohol And Caffeine Intake

Alcohol and caffeine are stimulants that can affect stomach function. High acid in coffee can also inhibit the closure of the esophageal sphincter muscle. This muscle must close when you do not swallow the necessities of life. When the sphincter does not close, stomach acid can flow into the esophagus and cause ulcer symptoms. If this condition occurs repeatedly, it is known as acid reflux disease, also known as GERD.

Do Not Smoke

Smoking culture and the use of tobacco products harm gastric health. This is because the nicotine in cigarettes or tobacco products can relax the esophageal sphincter muscle. Like alcohol and caffeine, these can cause stomach acid to rise into the esophagus. Not only causes ulcer symptoms, but stomach acid that often rises can also cause inflammation of the esophagus (esophagitis).

Tips For Maintaining Kidney Health To Stay Healthy

Tips For Maintaining Kidney Health To Stay Healthy - Kidneys are vital organs that play an important role in filtering waste or toxic substances in the body. This organ also produces hormones that regulate blood pressure, control the production of red blood cells, and various other functions. So, maintaining kidney health must be done so that the body remains in optimal condition. Check out what tips should be done to Maintain Kidney Health.

Maintain Kidney Health.
Maintain Kidney Health.

Healthy Diet

Living a healthy diet provides good benefits for the body, including the kidneys. Healthy food is food that contains balanced nutrition. One of them by eating vegetables and fruit. Also try to reduce the consumption of foods that are high in purine content, such as offal. This is because foods that contain purines can increase uric acid levels which can interfere with kidney function.

Limit Salt Intake

Consuming salt and sodium in excess can put a strain on the kidneys. One of the diseases that can arise is hypertension or high blood pressure. Alternatively, you can use spices such as onions to replace the sodium. The content of quercetin in onions can also maintain kidney health by helping optimize kidney function when filtering blood.

Don't Eat Too Much Protein

Protein is needed by the body for the growth and maintenance of body structures, as a source of energy, and to form important substances such as enzymes. However, consuming too much protein is also not good for the kidneys. This is because each part of the body requires a different amount of protein, so the more protein the kidneys have to filter, the harder the kidneys work. Therefore, consume protein content in sufficient quantities.

Meet Fluid Needs

Drinking water is proven to be able to maintain kidney health because it launches the process of filtering blood while removing toxic waste. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease, healthy kidneys can filter about 150 liters of blood each day.

In this filtering process, the kidneys remove wastes in the blood such as sodium, phosphorus, and potassium. Water in the body serves to keep blood vessels open, so blood can pass through the kidneys smoothly. Not only that but drinking enough water can also maintain the balance of water and minerals in the body. This balance will make muscles, nerves, and body tissues function normally.

Sports Routine

Doing exercise regularly can help the body in controlling blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose levels. These three components are things that must be controlled to prevent kidney disease. Several types of physical activity can be done, such as walking, dancing, or cycling.

Don't Carelessly Take Medicines Or Vitamins

Taking the drug long-term without a doctor's supervision can damage your kidneys. This is because the kidneys function to process the disposal of drug residues from the body. Therefore, never be careless in taking medication.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol has a considerable impact on the health of the body. Various damage can also occur if you do not limit the intake of alcohol that enters the body, one of which is a decrease in kidney function. Alcohol has a diuretic effect that causes an increase in the amount of urine and body fluids, including controlling sodium, chloride, and potassium ions. When this happens, the body will experience an electrolyte imbalance that makes the body dehydrated.

Ways To Maintain Dental Health You Need To Try

Ways To Maintain Dental Health What You Need To Try - Teeth as one of the important organs in the human body. Without teeth, food will be difficult to digest or even difficult to swallow. Cavities will certainly be very annoying when we are going to eat, and also damage our smile. To get healthy teeth, need care and pay attention to our daily habits.

Even if you already have good teeth, it is important to take care to prevent the risk of developing dental problems. As reported by several sources, here are some ways to Maintain Dental Health to stay healthy.

Ways To Maintain Dental Health You Need To Try

Dental health
Dental Health 

Brushing Teeth Twice A Day

The first way to keep your teeth healthy is to brush your teeth regularly. Sounds easy, doesn't it? According to some sources, to keep your teeth in tip-top shape, brush your teeth twice for two minutes. Brushing your teeth also removes particles that eat away at your teeth, which can lead to cavities.

Brush Your Tooth In The Morning To Fight Your Morning Breath

The mouth has a temperature of 98.6F (37C). Warm and wet, and full of food particles and bacteria. This is a good environment for plaque to appear. When formed, then harden, will form tartar on your teeth. Dental plaque not only irritates the gums, but it can also cause gum disease and lead to bad breath. Be sure to brush in the morning to help remove plaque that has accumulated overnight.

Don't Brush Too Much

If you brush your teeth more than twice a day, for more than four minutes, you can damage the enamel that protects your teeth. When tooth enamel is lost, the dentin layer is visible. This layer is what makes you feel pain when something hits it.

Don't Brush Too Hard

The next way to maintain healthy teeth is to brush your teeth gently. Don't make it a habit to brush your teeth too hard. However, children still have softer enamel than adults, so they are more prone to toothaches.

Stay Away From Soda

Not only regular soda, but diet soda can also damage teeth. The acid in soda can attack your teeth. Once the acid eats away at the enamel, it will attack again to create cavities, stain the tooth surface, and erode the inner structure of the tooth. To avoid tooth decay from fizzy drinks, limit fizzy drinks and take good care of your teeth.

Brush Your Teeth Before Bed

The next way to maintain dental health is to brush your teeth before going to bed. In cleaning teeth, it is recommended to brush your teeth at least twice a day. Even so, many of us ignore the importance of brushing our teeth at night. Brushing your teeth before bed can remove germs from your gums.

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To Maintain Heart Health To Keep It Functioning Normal
How to Maintain Children's Eye Health to Stay Healthy Easily
How To Maintain Heart Health To Keep It Functioning Normal

Eat Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Ready-to-eat foods are great, but they may not be good for your teeth. Consuming fresh and crunchy produce is not only beneficial for healthier fiber content but also a way to keep your teeth healthy. Get in the habit of eating solid food from an early age. Do not eat too many foods that are too soft. That way, the teeth will grow stronger.

Drink More Water

Water is always the best drink for your health, including oral health. After eating it is also recommended to drink water. This can help eliminate some of the negative effects of sticky and sour foods and drinks in the mouth.

How To Maintain Heart Health To Keep It Functioning Normal

How To Maintain Heart Health To Keep Functioning Normal - Based on existing reports, heart disease is the second leading cause of death in Indonesia after stroke. Many think this disease attacks the elderly, even though the application of an unhealthy lifestyle can make this disease occur at a young age. So, how to Maintain Heart Health? Check out the explanation below. Here are some ways to maintain heart health To keep your heart healthy and functioning properly, follow some of these tips to stay healthy.

Heart Health
Heart Health

Take Care Of Your Oral Health

Did you know that the health of one part of the body is interrelated? For example, oral health with the heart. Heart problems can occur when symptoms of gum, mouth, and tooth disease get worse and don't get treatment. Try to brush your teeth twice a day and do it regularly, in the morning before breakfast and at night before going to bed.

Limit Salty Food Consumption

Salty and savory foods are delicious, but too much can lead to high blood pressure, which is a risk factor for heart disease. When blood pressure is high, the work of the heart in pumping blood will be heavier and this can interfere with heart health.

The limitation of salt intake per day for people aged 19-49 years is 1500 mg. In addition, limit packaged foods that are high in salts, such as smoked beef, snacks, and junk food. To keep food tasty, you can replace salt with healthy spices, such as garlic, onion, or pepper.
Get Enough Sleep

How to maintain a healthy heart you need to do is to maintain the quality of your sleep. Don't make it a habit to go to bed late and wake up during the day, or stay up late without a clear purpose. If you often sleep late or stay up late, your body's biological clock will be damaged.

This condition can cause increased blood pressure and inflammation, which can increase the risk of heart disease. Get rid of anything that can disturb your sleep at night, like playing with your phone or watching TV.

Avoid Sitting Too Long

Sitting all day facing the computer not only makes the body sore but also lowers heart health. If you do spend time working in a sitting position, don't forget to do stretching exercises at work or home. That way, you stay active even if you have to work.

Stop Smoking And Inhaling Cigarette Smoke

Did you know that smoking can damage your health, including your heart? Yes, smoking can cause heart disease because these chemicals can encourage the formation of plaque in the blood vessels in the heart.

This plaque can build up over time and block blood flow, which can lead to heart disease later in life. For that, you must quit smoking. You also need to avoid people who smoke because the smoke can also be smelled by you.

Eat More Vegetables And Fruits

Vegetables and fruits are great sources of vitamins and minerals for your body. The nutritional content of vegetables and fruit can help you maintain a healthy heart. Don't forget, wash vegetables and fruit first with running water before eating.

How to Maintain Children's Eye Health to Stay Healthy Easily

How to Maintain Children's Eye Health to Stay Healthy Easily - Nowadays, the use of cell phones or other gadgets is increasing. Not only among adults but also children. The last few years, especially since the pandemic, have made children increasingly dependent on gadgets in their daily lives.

They use gadgets to go to school, do homework, read, play games, watch, and so on. It is undeniable, the functions of gadgets are very many and practical. For example, children can watch anything at any time, no need to wait for the broadcast schedule because it can be accessed through social media. However, excessive use of gadgets can damage the sense of sight, especially in children.

Without or consciously, children often do habits that can harm eye health. For example, playing gadgets for too long, watching tv, or looking at gadgets too close, and having a habit of rubbing their eyes.

Good eyesight is very important for the development of your little one. Not only physical development but also cognitive and social. Your little one will use his sense of sight to distinguish colors, read, and so on. If the eye health is disturbed, the child will have difficulty doing various things. Including learning and socializing. Therefore, parents need to Maintain Children's Eye Health to Stay Healthy Easily.

How to Maintain Children's Eye Health

How to Maintain Children's Eye Health to Stay Healthy Easily
How to Maintain Children's Eye Health to Stay Healthy Easily

Consumption Of Good Food For Eye Health

Eye health can be maintained from within by providing children with healthy and highly nutritious foods. Some nutrients and vitamins that have an important role in maintaining eye health include antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin A, zinc, omega-3, and lutein. So parents need to get their children to eat vegetables and fruits that contain good nutrition. Such as carrots, strawberries, oranges, apples, and others.

Invite Children To Play Outdoors

Children who play with gadgets too often or play indoors generally have a risk of developing myopia or nearsightedness. So parents should often invite their children to play outside the house.

Keep Your Little One From Habits That Can Damage Eyes

Your little one often makes bad habits for eye health. For example, reading a book too close, reading or playing with gadgets when the lighting is dim, reading while lying down, and watching TV too close. This bad habit will cause decreased visual acuity.

Therefore, parents must remind their children not to do this habit. Try to keep the distance between the child's eyes and the book at least 30 cm with bright enough light. When watching TV, children should sit at least 5 times the size of the television.

Stimulates The Development Of The Sense Of Sight

To develop a child's sense of sight, a good stimulus is needed for children's vision from infancy to the age of 8 years. There are several ways to stimulate children's eye development, for example by providing toys with various shapes and colors that are certainly safe for children.

Routine Eye Examination

Take your little one to the eye doctor at least once every 2 years to have his eyes checked. The eye examination is very important to detect eye problems early on in children so that treatment can also be carried out optimally.

Easy Ways To Maintain Eye Health

Easy Ways To Maintain Eye Health - Eyes are windows to the world. This short sentence is appropriate, because through our eyes we can see, understand, know, and much more. But we also need to pay attention to the health of our eyes. Not only the body can feel tired or tired, but care and ways to Maintain Eye Health are also needed so that the eyes do not get tired easily.

How To Maintain Eye Health

Easy Ways To Maintain Eye Health
Easy Ways To Maintain Eye Health

The following are various efforts to maintain eye health so that they are always healthy and do not worsen the vision ability of someone who is already nearsighted.

Take Care Of Your Eyes By Avoiding Too Close To Objects

The first way to maintain eye health is to not get too close when watching television, playing games, or reading books. Watching a big screen TV is indeed more fun, but it is more unhealthy, especially for children's eyes. Children who often watch TV too close, to their eyes are very at risk of developing minus when the child grows up.

The safe distance to watch tv is about 2 meters for a 14-inch tv. We recommend using a small screen tv for a family entertainment. This also applies when children play games, PlayStation or otherwise. Likewise, with reading habits, don't get too close, this can make your eyes tense and tired. Use adequate lighting when reading, and do not read while lying down. Reduce the Use of Gadgets

Don't spend too much time in front of the computer, television, or playing games. If your job is to use the computer all day, try to take regular breaks from the computer screen, for example, every 30 minutes or an hour, relax or take a short 5 or 10-minute walk. To prevent dry eyes, blink often and occasionally take your eyes out of the room.

How to take care of your eyes can use an LCD monitor on a computer, the use of an LCD screen tends to be more comfortable and doesn't make your eyes tired quickly compared to using a CRT monitor. Set a high refresh rate on your monitor.

Watching TV for too long can make the eyes tense and tired, and the radiation emitted from the TV screen can be bad for the eyes. Children who are used to watching TV and playing console games excessively tend to be at greater risk of developing a minus eye.

Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes Roughly

Do not rub your eyes harshly and excessively can maintain eye health. When your eyes itch or foreign objects enter, you will automatically rub or rub them. Do this carefully, don't be too loud or arrogant.

Wearing Goggles And Dust Protection

When doing outdoor activities, for example on the road or in a factory area, you should use eye protection such as goggles and a bespectacled helmet. Avoid dust entering the eyes because it can make the eyes infected and make the eyes to experience impaired vision. Wearing glasses is not just for style, but is beneficial for eye health by blocking ultraviolet rays.

UV rays are one of the main causes of hardening of the lens, cataracts, and decreased vision due to disturbances in the center of the retina. The use of glasses with dark lenses can filter UV rays up to 100 percent when outdoors. If you don't have glasses, you can also wear a hat to reduce UV exposure.