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Insurance Birth Hidden Gem Protection Products

Insurance Birth Hidden Gem Protection Products ! Waiting for the birth of a baby is the happiest and most thrilling time for parents. There are many things to do to welcome her arrivals, such as preparing for childbirth and routine monthly check-ups. Both of these things must be done and require a lot of money. Often this becomes an obstacle for parents, especially those with inadequate financial understanding.

The occurrence of pregnancy complications that pose a risk to the health of the mother and the baby-to-be can also increase the number of medical examinations, treatments, and medicines. Maternity costs do not cover these expenses, so it won't be easy for parents to access needed health services.

Apart from needing to be better prepared financially, prospective parents also need to collect more information about financial products to deal with childbirth's sizable costs, for example, birth insurance.

Maternity Insurance
Maternity Insurance

What is Maternity Insurance?

Maternity insurance is an insurance product that covers all costs during the pregnancy process until the birth of the baby, including but not limited to routine check-ups and delivery costs, even if a miscarriage occurs or the baby is born with a disability. This insurance is also often referred to as pregnancy insurance.

To get optimal benefits, you should open a pregnancy and childbirth insurance policy as early as possible, namely when planning a pregnancy with your partner. Like other products, pregnancy and childbirth insurance have a waiting period, namely the period to be able to claim calculated benefits from an active policy. This waiting period varies from weeks to months, depending on the provider's policy. Therefore, the earlier you open this insurance policy, the sooner you can use it for monthly checks and other purposes.

Just like health insurance, childbirth insurance aims to protect customers from various health risks but specifically related to babies in the womb. Here are some of the benefits of health insurance:

1. Reducing the risk of infant death

Many cases of abortion occur due to complications and costs. With birth insurance, the health risks of the fetus and various costs related to the womb will be borne by the insurance so that the risk of infant death can be reduced.

2. Pressing the amount of spending

Labor costs are one of the other preparations besides child equipment such as baby boxes, diapers, clothes, toiletries, etc. With protection from insurance, parents can save on expenses without losing health insurance for their unborn baby. Therefore, choosing maternity insurance that suits your needs and the claims submitted is very important.

3. Ensure health facilities

Starting from routine monthly check-ups to post-natal check-ups, ideally, mothers and children get good health services. With maternity insurance, parents don't need to worry about this, especially in an emergency. In addition, insurance ensures that mothers and babies get the facilities they need without worrying about cost constraints.

There are two types of maternity insurance available today:

  • Maternity Life Insurance. The customer will receive a sum assured or compensation if there is a risk of complications during childbirth, for example, a baby born dead or with a disability.
  • Private Health Insurance. This type of insurance aims to prevent complications so that you can cover the costs of vaginal and cesarean deliveries, examinations, and NICU care, including if a miscarriage occurs.
To become a maternity insurance customer, some conditions must be met. Each insurance provider may have different requirements, but there are some basic points, such as:

  • Mother or mother-to-be aged 18-40 years and married.
  • In pregnancy or birth complications cases, the coverage period remains active until 30 days after the baby's birth.

The process of filing a maternity insurance claim follows the standard procedure for filing an insurance claim in general: filling out a form accompanied by supporting documents and sending it to the insurance company. Claims will be verified according to the terms of each provider. Marketers can also be contacted at any time regarding this need.

Documents that need to be prepared as attachments to the claim process include original receipts containing details of treatment costs, details of drugs consumed during the treatment process, official medical resumes from treating doctors, and laboratory reports or similar files as support. Meanwhile, cashless claim-type policyholders only need to bring an insurance customer card and personal identity card for the claim process.

Choosing the Right Time and Insurance

As with health insurance, maternity insurance needs to be owned when planning to have a baby. Ultimate HealthCare from Manulife Indonesia comes with additional benefits in the form of maternity benefits, which can cover the costs of normal births, assisted births, pregnancy complications, and surgical deliveries. This insurance policy also provides a waiting period so that prospective parents can register before pregnancy occurs.