How To Maintain, Strengthen, And Improve Mental Health

How to Maintain, Strengthen, And Improve Mental Health - To improve your overall well-being, you can't just focus on your physical health. Mental health also plays a big role in life. Mental health is a person's ability to manage feelings and face daily difficulties.

Mental health is just as important as physical health, it needs to be maintained and corrected if there is a problem. Not only physical that must be treated, but mental or mental health conditions must also be maintained properly. A person's mental health condition can affect that person's way of thinking, mood, and behavior.

Then, a history of experiencing physical or sexual violence or being a victim of bullying can also lead to mental health problems. So, how to maintain mental health properly? Here are some ways to help maintain, strengthen, and improve your Mental Health.

How to Maintain, Strengthen, And Improve Mental Health

Mental Health.Mental Health.

Learn Meditation

Meditation is a way to improve cognitive abilities, including improving attention, memory, verbal fluency, executive function, processing speed, cognitive flexibility, and creativity. By doing meditation, it will be easier for you to regulate your emotions so you can avoid stressful conditions.

During the busy world, both real and virtual, many people lose the ability to be still and meditate. Activities such as meditation and silence are very important to be done regularly. Set aside a few minutes each day to be still and meditate. While meditating, calm your mind and accept the emotions and feelings you are experiencing. You can also worship according to your respective beliefs.

Doing Journaling

Regular journaling is certainly not only useful for organizing your life and plans for the better. This activity turned out to be one way to maintain mental health, you know. Journals are very important in helping identify negative self-talk and find the roots of anxiety.

Launched the Journal of Management Education, the journal has been proven to help students manage their stress and anxiety. Not only that, but this activity also increases their involvement and creativity in the classroom.

Inhale Aromatherapy

You can also maintain mental health by inhaling aromatherapy while stretching. Launching the International Journal of Nursing Practice explains aromatherapy can reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality. You can choose the scent of flowers to improve your mood as a therapy when your mind is tired. You can also use a diffuser or aromatherapy candle to do this.

Consumption of Nutritious Food

Maintaining physical health is also one way to improve the mental condition. Because the physical condition can not be separated from the mental state. Therefore, make sure you always eat nutritious foods every day, increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables, and fulfill your fluid needs. You also need to avoid fast food and foods that are too sweet and stop consuming alcohol or smoking.

Eating nutritious food is not only beneficial for physical health but also good for mental health. Carbohydrates can increase a hormones that build a positive mood. Like carbohydrates, vegetables and fruit can a feed the body's cells, including controlling a more positive mood. While protein can increase a chemicals in the brain that help the body stay alert. In addition, make sure the body gets a supply of healthy fats such as fish and nuts.