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The Best Succulent Plant Pots 2022!

The Best Succulent Plant Pots 2022!

The Best Succulent Plant Pots 2022!

Succulents are droughtresistant and grow in many different colors and shapes. In fact, there are around 200 different types of succulents that you can grow at home. 

Succulents need sandy potting soil, plenty of drainage, and occasional watering to stay healthy and happy. And you`ll want your succulent plant pots to match your decor and personality. That`s why we`ve chosen different styles of succulent plants pots for our list below. 

Buying Guide for Succulent Plant Pots

Why buy succulent plant pots? 

If you want to spruce up your space with some lively green plants but don`t have the knowhow to keep most plants alive, succulents are a great choice. Succulents don`t have deep root systems and need quick drainage. So regular plant pots usually won`t do the job correctly. Plus, succulent plant pots can add a touch of color, class, or even whimsy to your space. 

What should you consider in succulent plant pots? 

Size: You want enough room for your succulents to grow, but you don`t want to give them too much space, or the roots will outgrow the flower. If you have a small succulent, say 3 inches in diameter, you won`t need a pot more than 3.5 inches in diameter if you`re planting it alone. If you`re planting your succulents together, leave them a little space, but not too much, to spread and grow. 

Drainage: Succulent plant pots need to have adequate drainage. If you find your favorite pot without holes, drill a hole. However, good succulent pots need drainage holes to prevent mold growth. 

Style: When it comes to the style of succulent pots, the sky is the limit. Juicy pots come in a variety of shapes, designs and materials, so you have many options to choose the one that suits you best. 

What are some tips for growing succulents? 

As with all plants, you need to make sure they have the appropriate amount of sunlight and water. Succulents should have at least six hours of sun. Find a good spot in your home to keep them so that they`ll get the light they need. You want to make sure you don`t overwater your succulents. They don`t need as much as other types of plants. 

But that doesn't mean they don't need them. You need to water as soon as you notice that the soil is completely dry. This is once a week or once every two weeks, depending on the time of year, humidity and pot size. 

Our Pick for The Best Succulant Pots

T4U small ceramic succulent pot

This set of 6 handmade ceramic pots is a great addition to expand your space. 

Pros: These mini succulent pots are ideal for small succulents as they are well drained and loyal to size. Due to its small size, it may not be necessary to add a lot of extra soil when transplanting succulents. In addition, the colors and finishes are colorful and attractive. 

Disadvantages: These pots are so small that they are only suitable for mini succulents. 

Conclusion: If you're looking for the best pot set for a mini succulent, these may be exactly what you need. Available in packs of 6 or 12, it has excellent cost performance. 

ZOUTOG6 "White Ceramic Flower Pot

With a beautiful bamboo tray, this planter can be used to transform bare windowsills or as a vibrant focal point. 

Pros: This juicy pot comes in 2 packs and these pots are so smooth and elegant that they add value to your purchase. The simple color makes it suitable for most decorations. There is also a convenient drainage hole in the bottom center of the pot to keep the succulents healthy. 

Disadvantages: These pots are not deep enough to support only plants with small roots. 

Conclusion: There are two shallow succulent pots that are ideal for breeding from cuttings. In addition, about 1 liter of succulent-friendly potting soil is required. 

AIME BBY face flowerpot

With a soothing face design, this lightweight resin planter is perfect for patio gardens

Pros: This unique pot is beautifully made. It is designed to look like a head and succulents make hair. It's lightweight, so you can make a great addition to your child's fairy yard. And to keep your plant healthy, it has pre-drained holes. 

Disadvantages: This pot is very light and a little top heavy, so it is not as stable as other pots. 

Conclusion: If you are looking to liven up your garden, windowsill, or patio, this adorable planter may be for you. You can easily reduce the weight with pebbles or marble without disturbing the structure. And it's great not only for dried flowers but also for succulents. 

Segreto Creative Plant Flowerpot

This adorable planter is perfect as a children's bedroom, playroom, or whimsical gift. 
Pros: This is a great pot for mini succulents. Adorable design is a great tool to teach children how to make a garden. And if you're not crazy about hedgehogs, there are other styles. It will be a nice gift or an addition to a children's room or classroom. 

Disadvantages: The dimensions of this planter are very small, so be sure to measure the plants before buying. 

Conclusion: Do you need a whimsical thing in your home? You are well prepared in this mini juicy pot. The little hedgehog and his house will surely turn their heads, and this pot will be a great gift.

Kipocarol White Ceramic Succulent Planter

This modern planter fits snugly on windows and balconies

Pros: This juicy pot is made of high quality material, so it looks cheap and expensive. Great for mini succulents and complements almost any decoration. It can easily dress up an office, dining table or bare shelf. It also comes with a high quality bamboo tray.

Disadvantages: This pot is very shallow. Use only on plants with small roots. 

Conclusion: If you are looking for a rectangular and modern flowerpot, this is a good choice. It is a clean white color. 

Final Conclussion

Today, there are many types of pots for succulents. Some are made for mini succulents, others for deeper roots.

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