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Dress up your pouch, deck, or balcony with these planters

Dress up your pouch, deck, or balcony with these planters

Dress up your pouch, deck, or balcony with these planters

If you're looking to trim your outdoor space or patio and don't have a big green thumb, an outdoor planter is an easy way to add some beauty without any work. Planters come in a myriad of different styles and shapes, so you'll find some perfect complements to your porch, balcony, or patio. 

Nothing changes from dull to nice faster than flowers and greens. Just add one oversized plant to give your stairs and porch a new, lush look. No matter how much you want to grow, you need something to plant. These stylish and versatile planters are perfect for any outdoor space. 

Railing flowerpot set

These colorful flowerpots are made for all lovers of cute and fun things. A set of 10 offers the entire rainbow needed for work and more decoration options than the average railing planter. You can line them all along the railings of fences and balconies, or split them up to add pop colors to different locations. In addition, metal hangers with hooks mean no installation required. Just plant, hang and enjoy. 

Hanging planter set

For a more traditional look, these classic metal hanging planters can't be mistaken. The durable powder-coated iron frame won't rust or crack, but the natural coco fiber liner helps keep the plant safe and hydrated. These tall, durable planters look great in a row or pair on either side of the door. 

Square planter

Try these tall square planters for a more dramatic look. They offer a classic New England style and are made of durable plastic to withstand the elements-but they don't look like plastic at all!
The design incorporates a moisturizing reservoir, so your plants don't need to pay too much attention from you. With this style, you can turn one or two plants into an eye-catching outdoor display. 

Weatherproof planter set

While all of the planters on this list are for outdoor use, you’ll want something specifically designed for weather resistance if you live somewhere with harsh temperatures.

Made of plastic and natural stone powder, these round planters can stand up to both extreme cold and heat. They won’t fade, peel, or crack, and you won’t have to move them inside when the weather gets wild. They’re still light enough to move easily if you feel like rearranging them, though.

Mini planter set

The little things are fascinating-especially the cute little plants in the adorable planters. If you think small plants are for indoor use only, think again.

These fun mini planters are made of concrete and are durable enough for outdoor use. Neutral metallic colors are modern and chic, a 3-color set. They either gather together on a patio table or appear to grow in a small outdoor herb garden.

Metal Planter Set

If you like a more rustic design, these metal planters might be just your style. They have a weathered finish for that antique, farmhouse vibe, while the tall bases add a slightly modern twist. This set of two large planters will give your outside space a fresh look with minimal effort. Plus, if you`re not into gray metal, they also come in bronze, red, or white. 

Stoneware Planter

For a different take on a rustic style, try stoneware. These planters have an ombré finish with an earthy, textured design that creates a handmade look. The rusty coral color is a great neutral choice, but you can also get the planter in trendy metallic silver or bronze. You can choose from a few different sizes as well, so this is a great option if you want to group some different plants in matching planters. 

Terracotta Planter

Terracotta might be the most timeless planter style of all. This lovely take on a classic by August Grove features a handpressed bouquet and hummingbird design. You can also get it in white distressed for a more modern shabby chic look. Although durable enough for outdoor use, it is recommended to store it in a garage or winter hut to protect it from wind, rain and sub-zero temperatures. 

This unique yet classic style instantly upgrades your favorite outdoor hangout.

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