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20+ Best Flowering Vines and Climbing Plants

20+ Best Flowering Vines and Climbing Plants

20+ Best Flowering Vines and Climbing Plants

Flowering vines and climbing plants are such important garden elements: they provide shade and colors, beautify boring walls and fences, provide sweet fragrance, attract hummingbirds and butterflies, and create enchanting outdoor spaces. 

Among the hundreds of gardens I have designed or visited, I will never forget those sweet moments of passing through a tunnel of glorious climbing roses, or sitting under an arbor covered with fragrant jasmine vine blossom.

Let`s check out some of my favorite easytogrow climbing vines for yearround beauty, including fast growing flowering vines , fragrant flowering vines , colorful climbing plants,, and more!

1 & 2. Wisteria vines are the dreamiest flowering vines. 

I have seen Wisterias blooming in so many climates from Boston to San Diego. One of the first to flower in early spring, the Wisteria is a fast growing flowering vine that is also very fragrant. If you have a small garden, keep the wisteria in the pot as the plants can be huge!

3 & 4. Tropical vine. 

Bougainvillea is a thorny vine, but it is one of the most popular flower vines in warm climates due to its stunning flowers and long flowering period. If you live in a cold climate, the honeysuckle of flames / Lonicera heckrottii is durable in USDA Zone 4, but still has a tropical look. 

5 & ​​6 Vines for year-round colors

Pyracantha is an evergreen vine or shrub that can grow against walls and pillars. Very beautiful white flowers bloom in spring and early summer, and berries bring bright colors to the garden in late autumn and winter. Different varieties include red, orange, or yellow berries.

7 & 8. Colorful tendril tunnel

Beautiful and delicious-see these flashy flowers and fruits of runner bean and hyacinth bean!

9 & 10. The charm of the cottage: climbing roses and hydrangea vines

Arbors and pergolas add numerous features to the garden, especially when flowering vines are planted. Climbing hydrangea (Hydrangea petiolaris shown here) requires a full sun to reach full bloom, while Climbing hydrangea / Hydrangea petiolaris thrive in both the sun and partial shade. 

11 & 12. Flowering vines for fences and pergolas

A single Rosa Banksiae, commonly known as Lady Banks' Rose, has been found to be able to have up to 50,000 flowers. A great companion plant is a lilac vine / Hardenbergia with evergreen and contrasting lavender flowers.

13, 14, 15, 16. Beautiful clematis flowering grapes

Clematis is an active mountaineer with many large flowers of almost all colors, with cultivars blooming at different times of the year from spring to autumn.
Train them at the garden gates and fences to create a beautiful focus. Two of my favorite clematis in the most beautiful pink-Clematis Armandii `Apple Blossom` and Clematis Montana` Elizabeth`.

17. Fragrant flowering vines

The elegant Star Jasmine / Trachellos permum jasminoides is surprisingly sturdy. Withstands heat above 40 ° C and frost resistance up to approximately 4 ° C. From spring to autumn, star-shaped white flowers with an unforgettable scent bloom. 

18 & 19. Hummingbirds love trumpet tendrils

Chinese trumpet vine, Chinese trumpet vine / Campsis radican, and lavender Chinese trumpet vine / Clytostoma callistegioides are all great plants for covering fences and training along walls, arbor, and pergolas. A hummingbird will visit you!

20 and above: you need to climb the roses

The last group of the most popular flower vines are some very beautiful and fragrant mountaineering roses. Constance Spray Climbing Rose | Strawberry Mountain Climbing Rose
Sally Homes Climbing Rose | St. Sween Climbing Rose
Crown Princess Margareta Climbing Rose | Wallerton Old Hall Climbing Rose

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