15 Beautiful Hanging Baskets and The Best Botanical List!

15 Beautiful Hanging Baskets and The Best Botanical List

15 Beautiful Hanging Baskets and The Best Botanical List!

How to plant 15 beautiful hanging baskets with each complete designer botanical list! Lots of tips for growing the best hanging plants and flowers in the sun and shade!

Oh, a hanging basket full of flowers and leaves of all colors and textures fills us with such surprises and awe.

Anyone can reproduce this by choosing the right hanging basket plants for sunny or shaded areas and skillfully mixing them together.

Design Tip 1: Select the right traffic light plant in the right place.

Before planting a hanging basket, carefully observe if the location is in full sunlight, partial shade, or full shade. Keep in mind that the position of the sun changes with the seasons. For example, the north side of a building is completely shaded in winter and hot afternoon sun in summer. Also full sun in Seattle is very similar in intensity to part sun in Phoenix!

Plant list 1: Purple and red Petunias, Yellow Coreopsis ( or other trailing yellow daisies ), Variegated Plectranthus.
Plant list 2: Yellow and orange Nasturtium, Coreopsis ( or other trailing yellow daisies ), Calibrachoa `Million Bells Trailing Magenta`. 

Design tip 2: use easy care annuals & perennials plants & flowers for hanging baskets. 

Most hanging basket plants are considered annuals. Because of the intensive planting style, it`s a good idea to refresh the plantings with new plants each spring season. However, if you are in a warm winter climate, you can use perennials such as fuchsia, ivy ranch, and stone alyssum for hanging baskets all year round!

Plant List 3: Deep maroon petunia, pink variegated geranium, sweet potato vine. As you can see, some of the best hanging basket plants and flowers are hanging flowers and vines like petunias and million bells (Petunia lookAlike). It is easy to clean and blooms a lot. They also come in very nice color variations! Be sure to choose subsequent varieties, not hilly varieties!

Plant List 4: Red and White Petunia and Calibrachoa, Red Ivy Geranium, Blue Lobelia erinus, Versatile plectranthus. 

Design Tip 3: Line hanging basket, ground hanging basket are best, use water frequently. 

A properly sized hanging flower basket is typically 14 to 16 inches wide and may come with a coiner liner. This is the perfect material to line your hanging basket. Choose good quality compost containing peat moss and pearlite. Add such sustained release compound fertilizer to the mix. 

Plant List 5: Blue and white petunia, Lobelia erinus. Lobelia is a sun-loving non-stop bloomer with a myriad of small blue, pink, white, purple, or bicolor flowers that bloom from spring to autumn. For hanging baskets, choose hanging lobelia varieties like Lobeliaerinus.

Plant List 6: Light Pink Petunia, Purple Verbena, Nemesia `Safari White`. 

Hanging flower baskets require more regular watering than most container plantings. Do not dry the soil mixture. Ideally, baskets in the sun should be watered daily and shaded baskets should be watered once every two days.  

Plant List 7: Pink Geranium, Light Purple Petunia, Lobelia Erinus. 

Design Tip 4: Great plants and flowers to hang a basket to provide shade. 

Let's go back to the hanging basket. Why not plant a colorful hanging basket in the shade?  There are  very beautiful and flashy shade-loving plants  such as Impatiens, Begonia,  Ferns, Ivy and Creeping Jenny. See the  four examples below.

Plant List 8 (best for shade): Begonia x Tuberous Begonias, Yellow Coreopsis (or other subsequent yellow daisies), Rishimakia `Gordi Rock` / Creeping Jenny.  

In addition to mixing colors and textures, another designer's trick is to think of a mixed flower box consisting of thrillers, fillers and spillers. 

For example, a thriller is a mixed plant with the largest buds and the most dramatic appearance, a filler is a small plant to make a window box look full, and a spiller is a plant that orbits around a mixed container. Baskets 9 and 10 below are really great examples. 

Plant List 9 (Best for Shade): Caladium `Celebration` and Caladium` Rose Glow `, Asalina Scandens` Snow White`, Rishimakia `Goldi Rocks` / Cobanconasubi.

Plant List 10 (Best for Shade): Begonia x Tuberous Begonias / Orange and Yellow Tuberous Begonias, Tradescantia  / Wandering Jewish Plants, Sweet Potato Vine, Rurimigated Plectranthus.  

Plant List 11 (best in the shade): Dragon Wing Begonia, Asparagus Fern (with delicate green leaves! 

Design Tip 5: This is how to design an artistic and colorful mixed pot with hanging plants. 

Plants such as violets and petunias come in a variety of colors. By simply mixing these different varieties of the same plant, you can make a very colorful hanging flowerpot! 

Plant List 12: Mixed color violets. Ideal for cool climates such as early spring.  

Plant List 13: Purple and pink petunia, coreopsis (or other subsequent yellow daisies), lobelia erinus, red verbena. The hanging basket will also be an attractive wall mount! These hanging plant wall brackets  can provide a great way to dress up an empty wall! 

Plant List 14 (Best for Shade): Begonia x Tuberous Begonias / Orange and Yellow Tuberous Begonias, Fuskia, Rishimakia `Goldilock` / Creeping Jenny.  

Plant List 15: Red and pink petunia, coreopsis (or other hanging yellow daisies), blue lobelia erinus.